Health Coaching

A health coach is like a co-pilot to help navigate sustainable lifestyle changes and get you to your desired destination.

Genetic Assessment

Assessment of medication profiles aka pharmacogenomics PGx- at some point, we all need medication, so how about we give you only what is proven to work based on your genetic profile? This is a one-off test similar to your blood group.

Healthy Eating

Not all foods are born equal. Be efficient in nourishing your temple. We will show you the most potent nutrient-rich foods to supercharge your life. Our dietitian can help you with the secrets!

Reducing Stress

Kick back, observe the world around you and don’t let it upset your inner balance; Our psychology team will show you how.

Improving Sleep

Sleep is underrated, especially in our fast-paced society; sleep is often disrupted with dire consequences on our mental and physical health. We need rest to rebuild, repair and recharge our bodies. Our team will provide a comprehensive sleep assessment and offer you personalized solutions to optimize your recharge time!

Exercise Coaching

Working out is all the rage…but we often over or under-exercise leading to tissue damage. A personal trainer and kinesiologist can show you how and what exercises are relevant to improve health and longevity.